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September 20, 2019

Once in a while, I write about freediving.

As much as it still scares the hell out of me, it appeals me. It calls me. It hypnotizes me.

It is unnatural to hold a breath. At least it is to me.

But there’s something about diving into the light that I can’t explain. While most people will think it is like diving into the darkness, it is mostly the opposite. At least on a sunny day.

It is like rocketing up into the universe of stars. When the sun is up and the rays of light dance in...

It is quite unusual to travel without an end-date and a settling down location, right in the middle of a good rising career. It offers an immense amount of freedom - it is intoxicating even !

But we had dreams, and one of them, was to visit... India.

When we decided to take our tickets to India, it was finally like this dream coming true for both of us, and all the doubts we could have about our travels before just vanished. We knew we wanted to be there and enjoy every second of the...

Today, I am proud to say that there's a picture of me being exhibited in the south of France for three months. It was selected alongside with 23 other ones, out of a competition of over 2000 pictures, and which auction sales will benefit an NGO. One milestone along the difficult process of creation. And recognition, too.

Life goes fast. And so do we try to keep up with it, be everywhere, be facing all of our tasks - our to-do-lists. I have managed this pretty well so far.

But what is...

January 30, 2019

Oh, traveling...
I have been on the road for the last eleven months now.

Eleven months of discovery, learning, contemplation, exploration and joy. And also, even if it sounds unappreciative, eleven months that do contain some tiredness, frustration, disappointment, and anger.

I hear the voices around our traveling project. Some are surprised, some are thrilled, some are curious, some are envious, some don’t get it, some find it meaningless, some see it as a holiday, others believe...

September 27, 2018

Surface. Last breath. And the sound of bubbles as I dive down.

No more breathing. Just myself, in silence. Five Meters.

I imagine scenes. Or musics. I focus on something else but my need to breath, the nasty effect of CO2 in my body. Ten meters.

I can hear the silence of my breathhold and I can feel my contractions, as my body sinking deep into the water. I am almost weightless. Fifteen meters.

I illusion manta rays, I hear Nick Cave, and I'm almost just another fish in the ocean. Only...

February 15, 2017

Little yeah. Or Younger.

A few days ago, with a photographer friend, we decided to explore Paris differently. Look for lost locations. Forbidden treasures. Well, urbex.

But to find lost places is not as easy as we hopped. You need to wear trekking shoes. You need to have a raincoat. You may need a rope. And you need companions. In case.

We don't do that. Normally. I do travel photography, she does portrait. She's a pro, I'm just an amateur. But we both love beauty, within people, with...

January 12, 2017

We made it.

We made it through 2016.

I want to remember the laughter, the improvement, the friends, the fun, the travels, the sunrises, the colors, the concerts, the frost, the movies, the dives, the plankton...

I want to remember the best and get ready for even more! A new year. Shining. Sparkling. Performing. Enjoying. Relaxing. Improving. Contemplating. Thrilling. Or whatever it'll bring.

Aaaaaand it is already starting well. It is starting very well, as, after I mentioned in my pre...

November 23, 2016

I remember ten, fifteen years ago. I remember in my travels, collecting photo films and wishing hard that I don’t loose them, damage them, sink them… I remember the anxiety of giving 15 films all together to a photographer and hoping he wouldn’t close the shop the day after, praying for the prints to be fair to what I had experienced during my journeys.

Sometimes, I'd expect a great picture and only received something mediocre from the print shop. But other times I wouldn't expect...

October 21, 2016

Lundi 10/10/2016, 17:30 - Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines.

C'est l'heure de plonger de nuit. Règne en moi une certaine appréhension. Je relis les consignes. Maîtriser sa désorientation. Être vigilant. Éviter de plonger avec un binôme qu'on ne connait pas. Ne pas plonger avec un équipement neuf. Toujours avoir une deuxième torche. Autant de choses qui ne décrivent pas ma situation. Je connais mon binôme depuis ce matin, je plonge avec un masque neuf, je n'ai pas de deuxième torche, et je...

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